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Rambling Session (12/06/2023)

Rambling Session (12/06/2023)

Welp, I finally missed a blog post day yesterday. I could have squeezed it in, and actually had started writing it later in the evening, but I was ready to be done for the day.

Yesterday we had our first major medical incident of our parenting career. My wife called me later in the morning yesterday because our one and a half year old daughter had gone from playful and cheery to sobbing and upset with no warning or apparent incident. I often can calm her over the phone if she is upset because hearing me on the phone distracts her. However, I could not help at all over the phone or even on Facetime. 

My wife was eventually able to settle her enough to start looking for what could be the issue. It became apparent that something had happened with her right arm, as she wouldn’t utilize it, and if she moved it a certain way it would hurt her. My wife called the doctor and they were able to see us, so I left work and we took her in. After the nurses got her worked up again, the doctor came in and started feeling her arm and maneuvering it. I noticed him give a nod, as she identified the issue, and then made a couple movements and her arm go. She immediately changed and he took her lovey and asked her if she wanted it. She, for the first time since the morning, used her right arm and grabbed it!

It turns out she got “Nursemaid’s Elbow”. Fortunately it was nothing serious or uncommon and the doctor was able to fix her right up and she was IMMEDIATELY back to herself! 

I am not ready for this crap… I could not stand her being in pain and upset. She was breaking our hearts. Unfortunately, I know this won’t be the last time we are rushing her off to the doctor. She is already a fearless, active girl..

Anybody have any similar stories? Or tips to prepare us?

As for the past two days’ smokes - I went with a couple from the Short Smokes Sampler. Yesterday was the Jericho Hill .44S and today was the Illusione Epernay Le Petite. Both of these are full flavored, full bodied smokes. The .44S is dark, robust, bold, and medium-full strength. The Epernay is elegant, subtle, and mild-medium strength. Both deserve a try!

- Trevor

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