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Rambling Session (12/02/2023)

Rambling Session (12/02/2023)

Since I started writing these I haven’t missed a day. Some days are tougher than others to make time. Weekends are certainly the hardest because of being so preoccupied and invested in other things. Today was the closest I’ve been to missing a post. 

I was inspired to start doing these short, daily blogs by Seth Godin. He’s blogged everyday for a very long and I’ve heard him remark in many interviews that he doesn’t have to decide to post a blog tomorrow, he made the decision X years ago that he would post tomorrow. He also has stated many times that writer’s block is a myth - it’s really a fear of bad writing. He argues that if you do bad writing, good writing will happen. 

I made the decision to write something as close to daily as I can, not because I am concerned with good or bad writing. I did it as a way to push myself to do something I knew would only benefit me. It feels good to put something out there and the 10-15 minutes of work helps me to be able to spur creativity even when I’m unmotivated or uninspired. 

Do you have any special daily habits or tasks that you do (or try to do) no matter what? 

As for today’s smokin - I had a Villa Casdagli Corona Gorda and a Patina Maduro Rustic while we did some yard work on this beautiful December Saturday. 


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