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Rambling Session (12/01/2023)

Rambling Session (12/01/2023)

Man, some days just start off on the wrong foot…

First, I woke up about an hour and a half early, around 3 AM, from a dream that my mouth was extremely dry and I threw some sunflower seeds in there. A handful got stuck to the back of my tongue and I was close to choking on them. I sprung awake to find that I had been extraordinarily stuffy, which caused me to mouth breath, which resulted in being painfully dry to the point of struggling to swallow. After settling, I struggled to fall back asleep and when I did, it wasn’t for very long.

This kicked off a rather rough morning of feeling “off” and my anxiety and stress levels being pegged. My morning had some rather minor inconveniences that my mental state of the morning turned into unnecessarily stressful predicaments. 

It took a couple hours to snap out of it, and I am still not myself, but I am feeling substantially better. I find when I am having those days, I really need to talk to someone promptly and just express myself and get it out there. I also began feeling better when I got the chance to do my morning reading. This often helps settle my mind for the day - especially because it keeps me off of devices that do not help my state of mind.

What little tricks do you have for calming yourself or resetting your mind?

I did squeeze in a DT&T Mi Querida Triqui Traca No. 448 this morning. I really enjoy this blend, and this is my favorite size for it. It is a strong little fella with loads of dark, bold, flavors. However, the profile is always elegantly balanced so as to not be an assault on the palate. Always a pleasure.


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Yikes! 4 days of that is rough. Glad you have some things that help you though. The gym is a great one for sure.


The first 4 days of the week were like that but instead of dreams, I would be awakened by issues at work. Good coffee and a DotW were some comfort a couple of those days but I think what helped most was when I could get away and go to the gym for a bit.


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