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Rambling Session (11/30/2023)

Rambling Session (11/30/2023)

Tomorrow is December 1st… Goodness time flies.

I have always heard that, but I definitely see it more now that I am a father. It’s just crazy to think that my daughter’s second christmas is right around the corner! 

Last week when we got our tree I asked my wife about when we would put the gifts under it. We decided to do it after my daughter goes to bed on Christmas Eve. Not because of the tradition - she’s obviously too young to know about Santa or what Christmas even is. It’s because she would surely rip the wrapping paper off the moment she laid eyes on them.

However, the thought of doing it the night before got me instantly excited. I am super excited for the next several Christmases of seeing my daughter’s pure excitement on Christmas morning. I’m excited to do all those traditional Christmas eve things - leaving cookies for Santa, eating those cookies for Santa, staying up late to put the gifts under the tree. 

The interesting thing is that up until that conversation the other night, I have been on the fence about the Santa thing. I’m not sure where I sit at this point. All I know is that I am super grateful for this Christmas where our daughter is young enough to not have to worry about that. Yet old enough for my wife and to be able to do some of those Christmas Eve things. Old enough to be super excited to see and open the gifts under the tree. I’m going to cherish every second.

For you parents out there, were you a Santa family or not?

As for this morning's smoke, I went with the Tatuaje Black Label Petite Robusto. That little sucker is always a flavorful, enjoyable smoke and one I will be smoking plenty of this winter. Check it out, and some of my other cold weather favorites in the Short Smokes Sampler I just posted today!


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