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Rambling Session (11/28/2023)

Rambling Session (11/28/2023)

This morning was a cold one… The garage wasn’t too bad this morning, a little chilly, but completely manageable. Outside was a different story. It was cold as is, but the wind has really made it miserable. It’s that time of year though, so what do you do? 

I smoked a Fosforo Habano Robusto this morning. It is a lovely blend full of creamy earth, baking spices, wood, and subtle sweetness. I really enjoy everything Fosforo puts out.. That should be clear after day 2 of singing their praises in a Rambling Session. 

The cigar and cold weather today have me thinking about some of my favorite shorter smokes. This time of year I like having Petite Corona-ish cigars handy. I like a shorter format smoke no matter the time of year, but when it is cold out, they’re really ideal. I think I might order in some of my go-to short smokes and put up a sampler..

What’re some of your go-to cold weather smokes? 


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