Blog > Rambling Session (11/27/2023)

Rambling Session (11/27/2023)

Rambling Session (11/27/2023)

Howdy everybody!

I hope everyone returning to work is hanging in there. I took an extra day to spend with the family. We’re doing a little errand running this morning and then going to my Pap’s for lunch. 

It’s been an interesting morning. My wife was trying to get a spa appointment schedule today and called and left a message. She got a text back from a different number that said he was the owner’s husband and unsure why he got the message and then gave us his wife’s number. My wife texted her and an hour later got a response saying we must’ve had the wrong number as that was the number for a BBQ shop here… We felt like we were getting pranked. 

After stopping in at the spa to figure out what’s going and to get an appointment scheduled it turns out that the phone number originally called that went to the husband was the right number and it directs to the owner’s cell phone, which is the same number that texted back claiming to be the BBQ place? My wife spoke directly with the owner, showed her the numbers, and they tested it their and they worked accordingly. What a strange series of events that remains unanswered. At any rate, she’s got her appointment scheduled, so that’s good. 

Anyone ever have something like this happen?

As for this morning smoke, I had a wonderful Fosforo Limitada 2023. I ended up finding more of these in my humidor the other day and was anxious to light it. These are tasty smokes full of rich chocolate, leather, wood, and caramel. Definitely worth stocking up on. 


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