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Rambling Session (11/25/2023)

Rambling Session (11/25/2023)

Today is the first day of PA rifle season. It was a good day for it, sunny and chilly. I didn’t go out. I actually haven’t hunted at all this year - the first time I haven’t hunted in 16 years. I just haven’t been able to get into it this year, though I have gotten the itch a few times the past couple weeks. 

Things are busy right now, and hunting hasn’t been a priority. Though it has been a bit of an identity crisis for me, as I’ve always hunted. I’ve not always been super into it, but I’ve always done it. The end of last season I decided to stop hunting a piece of woods I have hunted since the start due to some management things I wasn’t thrilled about. That took away my “safety net” spot since I have a good grasp of those woods and the way the deer move. 

I’ve made two half-hearted attempts to go out in archery to new places this year. The first I bailed on because I couldn’t get cell service at that spot and I didn’t feel comfortable not being able to be reached if my wife or daughter needed anything. The second attempt I started walking into a new area and a few hundred yards in I realized I was making myself do it, but I really wasn’t enjoying it. 

I’m sure it’ll come back around when I make more time, have more interest, and/or my daughter is a little older. I may still go out a day in rifle, but we’ll see. 

Any hunters here?

As for todays smoke, I went with a Caldwell Anastasia. I dig these things and was very happy when a customer friend of mine was able to nab some recently and share!


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