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Rambling Session (11/22/2023)

Rambling Session (11/22/2023)

Yesterday I talked about my phone storage woes. Well, yesterday evening I did a backup and restore of my phone to clear up some of that “gray” storage space that seems to accrue after a while of use on iPhones. Fortunately this freed up some space for me to be able to shoot a couple videos this morning.

I have been wanting to get into making some more video content for both The Cigar Farm and Featherfoot Guitars. I really need to make the push to do it, but I have been having some trouble finding the motivation when I have the opportunity. Much of that is because that opportunity is often the 30-35 minutes of shop time I have early in the mornings. I often wake up feeling a bit unmotivated to shoot video and would rather listen to a podcast and do some work. 

I just need to make the push, like I did this morning, to film something - anything. Kind of like how I try to write a post everyday just, whether I’m inspired or not. I also need to start making some time at different hours of the day to film some things. That just isn’t always easy or doable. There I go making excuses..

The other thing holding me back is creativity. I have some different ideas, but I just don’t know how to exactly pull them off. Again, I think I just need to shoot a little bit each day to get the hang of it and at least have something to stimulate some creativity and more motivation. 

Is there anything that you would like to see? Any types of videos or topics?

This morning I lit up the Casdagli Cigars Villa Casdagli Robusto. I haven’t smoked a Villa Casdagli since I did a Vitola Battle Review nearly two years ago! I wasn’t overly impressed with the line back then, but I thought they were solid. With the love I see for the Villa Casdagli and the recent Cigar Journal awards it received, I thought I should get some in and revisit them. I thoroughly enjoyed the robusto this morning. This cigar was very consistent to the one I smoked for review back then, however this one omitted the bit of char I had gotten in that one. This is a great example of how tastes can evolve and you should revisit cigars after some time, because I would rate this cigar higher now than I would have then.


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