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Rambling Session (11/21/2023)

Rambling Session (11/21/2023)

This morning I started prepping some ash for a guitar body I had a request for. I intended to shoot a short video of this, and I did record it. However, when I went to transfer this very short video to my phone, I got an error about not having enough free space. This is not the first time I have run into this, but it very well may be the last.

I have never been one to stay up to date on the latest phones - I am always several iterations of the iPhone behind. I currently have an XS that I took from my wife when I bumped her up to the 13. For what I use my phone for - texting, phone calls, emails, business related things, and the occasional photo/video taking - I have never felt compelled to get the newer releases. Quite frankly, that is still the case. 

My issue is not features - I would be happy with my iPhone 8 back to be honest. The issue is storage. Apparently 64GB isn’t enough. I feel like I don’t have much on my phone, but my Messages take up about 9 GBs… The thing is, I have every text message my wife and I have ever sent since we met. I guess there are some things you can’t manage to part with. 

What’s clogging up your storage that you can’t manage to part with?

In other news, I smoked a Lampert Ocean Breeze this morning. Interestingly I did not care for this cigar when I first smoked it - back in the ugly band days. I don’t think the blend changed, but for some reason I have really enjoyed it since the band did. This is an easy smoker, but with plenty of body and flavor. The main flavors are earth, wood, a bit of pepper, and I can get some of the saltiness that it gets its name from. It is definitely one worth trying if you haven’t.

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