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Rambling Session (11/20/2023)

Rambling Session (11/20/2023)

This morning I lit up a Crowned Heads Juarez OBS and took to cleaning up my garage work area. The Juarez is one of the best bang for your buck cigars out there - I think many would agree. It made for a good morning smoke today. Definitely in line with the darker, more robust flavors I enjoy earlier in the day.

I recently finished up a guitar build, and each time I do I have a good bit of clean up to do. The work area isn’t really dirty, but there are tools scattered about and packaging from components. 

I am a pretty clean and orderly person, and I try to keep the majority of my work area consistent with that. I typically work in stages. For instance, stage 1 could be stock preparation. This stage would start with a totally clean and fresh work area. Then I would grab some planes, winding sticks, squares, etc and prepare the stock, leaving the tools out (in designated locations) and the waste material lay until I am happy with the stock. The stage would end with me putting all the tools back, sweeping up the waste, and clearing the bench.

Stage could be rough shaping, and carry out the same process. This repeats until I am done with the project. This method works well for me. I know some people like to clean up at the end of every work session. Then on the flip side, there are people who never tidy up. For me, working in this manner allows me to have clarity at the start of each stage and to not waste precious time, as I typically work in small windows, so I can be more productive. I just come down into the garage and pick up where I left off with the tools and components right at hand.

How do you manage workspace cleanliness, organization, and clutter?

Happy Monday,


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