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Rambling Session (11/18/2023)

Rambling Session (11/18/2023)


It’s a rather chilly evening here, after a decent day that was just a tad too windy to be called “comfortable”. I am actually typing this quick out on the porch. I had intended to be done outside for the day, but my daughter decided she wanted to run around on the porch and feed cheerios to the dogs. So I bundled her up and here we are.

I never want to stop her from being outside, especially when she asks. For reference, she is almost 18 months (a few days away). My wife and I are outdoor people - we much prefer it to being inside. So we make the effort to expose her to outdoor time as much as we can, and it isn’t hard at all in nicer weather. When it's cooler, it definitely becomes more difficult. Which brings me to my question.

Where do you draw the line - as far as temperature - for comfort outdoors? Assuming it's not really windy, rainy, or snowy, I have no problems being outside down to the thirties with a hat and jacket. Ideal for me is 60s-70s - just warm enough to not need a jacket, but cool enough to not sweat for most activities.

As for today’s smoke, I lit up the new Crowned Heads Mil Dias 2023 LE Belicoso Finos. These just came in and I couldn’t wait! This thing smoked beautifully with loads of creamy citrus, pepper, and earth. It burned perfectly till the end as well. I wish this had the Ecuadorian Sumatra Wrapper that was on some of the other Mil Dias LEs, but this Habano certainly suited me fine!

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