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Rambling Session (11/17/2023)

Rambling Session (11/17/2023)

Has anyone started Christmas shopping yet? 

I know some people start well in advance, but I am typically the type to wait until Black Friday to start my shopping. Heck, oftentimes I only have one or two items in mind for gifts before the week of Thanksgiving - when I start gearing up. 

This was on my mind because I actually just ordered my first gift of the season. This was a total impulse buy that I think will completely shock my wife. I am certain she will not be expecting it. It also isn’t one of the couple things I had written down from remarks she made through the year - though it is something I know she’s mentioned, and is why it stuck out when I saw it. 

Now my only hope is that the packaging is somewhat discreet, or else she’s liable to see it well before Christmas..

As for today’s smoke, I went with the Charter Oak Especiales Pegnataro this morning. This Connecticut Shade cigar was pretty darn good! It was definitely an amped up Connecticut that had peppery earth lead the way, with creamy hay on its tail. These flavors were complimented by notes of oily wood and vanilla. Certainly a full flavors, full bodied, medium-full strength cigar that is certainly worth a try!

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