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Rambling Session (11/16/2023)

Rambling Session (11/16/2023)

I need to practice soldering…

I only do it when I am wiring a guitar, but I really need to work on it outside of that. I do a good enough job to usually get things to function properly, however, they’re not always the cleanest job. I think I may work on making some pre-wired kits as a two-fold project for Featherfoot Guitars: 1. I can practice soldering and making clean looking harnesses. 2. I can have some prefabbed units for future builds and/or selling to other builders. 

Anyhow, you may have noticed the italicized “usually” above. Well, this latest build isn’t functioning properly. I am having an output issue with the neck pickup thatI discovered upon plugging in the guitar to my amp yesterday. This morning I attempted to work on it a bit, however, my 30 minute early morning work sessions aren’t really conducive to troubleshooting, trial-and-error type work, as that can usually take awhile. I also prefer to do that kind of stuff in longer sessions so I don’t lose track of what I am doing and trying.

I have a few leads on what the issue could be, and hopefully I can resolve it this afternoon. I don’t typically work in the garage in the afternoons anymore, but sometimes I have to make exceptions.

I do enjoy troubleshooting things, as I really like to learn what does and doesn’t work. What about you? I know malfunctions can be costly and/or time consuming, but how do you react? I used to get frustrated and upset about them. Now they consume me a bit differently - I become obsessed with learning from them.

As for my morning smoke, I went with a Viso Horny. I grabbed a bundle of these from Cigar Hustler and I have been going through them pretty quickly. They are actually a great morning smoke for me. They’re darker and more full - which I prefer in the mornings (see yesterday’s post), but they are also the perfect size for it at 4 x 52. If you missed them, maybe find a buddy with a few to spare!

Have a good day,


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