Blog > Rambling Session (11/12/2023)

Rambling Session (11/12/2023)

Rambling Session (11/12/2023)

Well, it only took one day to contradict myself! Yesterday I talked about how my cigar lineups often don’t pan out. Then today I picked out (actually yesterday I made the choices) the Somm BDX Toro and Principle White Gold for my afternoon smokes, and I actually stuck with ‘em! 

Both of these cigars are wonderful blends. I started with the White Gold - a beautifully creamy cigar with the right amount of pepper and classic Connecticut hay. I then lit up the Somm for a bit of a darker, more rich profile of cocoa, earth, and leather. As expected, both hit the spot and performed flawlessly. 

This past week the power company was trimming trees along the road in front of our property. My wife has been wanting to get some mulch for around the garden and to make a little sitting area by the chicken coop. She, very wisely, asked the power company about getting the wood chips and they backed in and dumped a ginormous pile for us. So we spent the afternoon moving the pile up to the chicken coop, and putting the mulch around the garden. 

As we near winter, we are trying to knock out these types of projects before the colder weather. Any projects you are working on ahead of winter? 

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