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Rambling Session (11/09/2023)

Rambling Session (11/09/2023)

I am feeling a bit uninspired today with regards to today’s post. There were a few moments today I thought I knew what to talk about, but I was too busy to write at the time. Now, nearing days end, I have forgotten what those topics were. 

So I guess I’ll just jump to what I smoked today - the HVC Black Friday 2023! I just got them in yesterday and couldn’t wait to try one out. I smoked it this morning while I worked on putting together a guitar body I’ve got going (a new project, not the one from last week that had me feeling unfulfilled). This year’s Black Friday was meaty, sweet, and peppery. It performed flawlessly!

I’m not a huge LE fan or hunter, but I do always look forward to the Black Friday. What yearly limited edition(s) do you always look forward to?

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