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Rambling Session (11/06/2023)

Rambling Session (11/06/2023)

This morning I lit up a Julian Sued Tabac Restaurador MMXX Mareva while I got some Walrus Oil Furniture Wax on a guitar neck and body. I am quite a fan of the Restaurador line from Julian Sued in both the Mareva and the Rothschild, but I think I have to give this 5 ½ x 42 Mareva the nod. Baking spices and citrus galore, with some wood, earth, and vanilla in there to balance things out nicely. If you haven’t smoked one of these Dominican Puros, I recommend trying one out.

I mentioned the use of Walrus Oil Furniture Wax. This is my first project utilizing Walrus Oil’s products and I am digging them thus far. I used the Furniture Finish first and am not doing a wax coat before I assemble this guitar. Not to mention I got some of their wonderful Logger’s Lip Balm and Sawdust Coffee Co. Medium Roast - which is fantastic. 

What originally drew me to Walrus Oil was the logo and name… Then I began familiarizing myself with their products. I prefer to work with oils when it comes to woodfinishes. I like the look and flexibility they provide and I enjoy the process. When I read Walrus Oil’s mission and purpose, I knew I needed to start using their products. 

Walrus Oil is a USA based company, started in the garage of the founder, that produces as “natural as possible” products. For instance, the Furniture Finish and Wax are 100% plant based. They also put a portion of profits back into nature by having trees planted. They work with the National Forest Foundation to have these trees planted, and 1% For the Planet verifies Walrus Oil’s compliance to this promise. They are Climate Neutral Certified.

If you have ordered from me, you have likely gotten a “We Care” cart in your eco-friendly packaged box expressing my interest in sustainability. It is no surprise I felt committed to Walrus Oil’s products before I even tried them. Now that I have tried them, I can say that they will likely be my go-to for finishes moving forward. 

Of course every company and product can’t check all the boxes. There are a few things that I don’t necessarily love about the products I have used, however, I will never find a “perfect” finish. At least Walrus Oil’s will provide a great finish, with good durability, and I can feel good about supporting them - as I will continue to do. 

I love a great mission and purpose from a company. One that speaks to you and can make you a customer on that alone. Have you had that experience with any companies, brands, or products?

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