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Rambling Session (11/02/2023)

Rambling Session (11/02/2023)

WARNING: If you are only here for my take on the Somm BDX Robusto, skip to the end and go back a paragraph or two.

This morning I was back at this guitar build that is nearly complete. A couple months ago I made a small shift in my schedule that really impacted myself and our household. I started getting out of bed at 4:30 AM, about 40 minutes earlier than I used to. This shift, though small, has been transformational. 

I have a full time job, The Cigar Farm, Featherfoot Guitars, a hobby farm, a wonderful wife, and a 17 month old daughter. For some time I have struggled with the balance of being an employee, business owner, husband, and father, while trying to keep up day-to-day life and the never ending list of things to do around the house and property. Quite frankly something was always getting the short end of the stick, and I was always feeling less than satisfied. And that was felt throughout the house. As my wife put it, I am the “thermostat for the energy and/or mood of the household.”

I am a morning person. I do my best work and have the most energy in the mornings. And with summer coming to a close at the time, there was only going to be less time and desire to accomplish things outside. These factors caused me to make that small change in my schedule that would allow me about 30 minutes every morning to work in the garage on my guitar builds and content. This allowed me to go from really only working 2-3 hours a weekend, in longer chunks, to about 2.5 hours spread out through the week alone - which would allow me to free up my weekend time. Better yet, everyday I got some time to myself and time to accomplish something.

Now, the reason I brought this up is to go into what I feel like talking about today - boundaries, perfectionism, and pride in your work.

This small shift allowed me to start my day out with a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment, which, as mentioned, transformed the overall atmosphere of our household for the better. However, the last handful of weekday mornings have been different. I have been working, but feeling unfulfilled and not satisfied.

The reason being is the work I am doing. I am currently working on a project that has gone a bit sideways. Not from technical mistakes, but from a collaboration that has taken a negative spin. I won’t go into details because, well, it just doesn’t really matter. What matter is this:

If you are unable to set boundaries, if you are unable to stand up for yourself, or if you lack self confidence, work ON yourself before you work WITH someone else

Had I been aware and capable of this before I got involved in this current project, I would have known to get out early. I would have known to say no. I would not be in a position where I am doing work that I am not proud of, not satisfied with, and left unfulfilled by.

Fortunately, things got to the point where I had to stand up for myself. From that I found self confidence. Now I am able to look back and see where my boundaries should have been drawn. Lessons were learned and knowledge was gained, and for that I can be grateful for the experience, no matter the outcome. 

Alright, now that the heavy stuff is out of the way - This morning I did light up a Somm BDX Robusto. This is a blend I have been eager to bring in for a while now and am glad I did. This cigar has a pretty interesting blend that contains Mexican San Andres (Wrapper and Filler), Nicaraguan (Binder and Filler), and Honduran Broadleaf (Filler). Priced at $13.00 by the single, this 5 x 50 Robusto offered plenty of rich, decadent flavor. There was certainly a darkness to the profile with earth, cacao, and leather, but it was balanced nicely with some subtle sweetness and toasted breadiness. I certainly didn’t get some of the minerality and pepper I commonly get from San Andres. It performed flawlessly by the way!

Alright, lastly, I will leave you with this question: How do you manage perfectionism in your work? I am always hypercritical of my own work. This is always amplified as I near completion of a project. It is further amplified with this build given the circumstances and interpersonal issues. 

- Trevor

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