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Rambling Session (11/01/2023)

Rambling Session (11/01/2023)

I can’t believe it’s November already…

It certainly felt like it this morning being sub 30 real feel. Fortunately our new heat pump is keeping the house fairly comfortable. Until a few weeks ago we only had baseboard electric at the house. It was not unusual for me to walk out to a 58-60 degree house when I’d get up in the morning… Now I know what comfort really is! Now I’ll just need to do something to keep some warmth in the garage for my early morning work sessions. This morning wasn’t too bad, but in the next month or two, it’ll be frigid in there. 

This morning I was accompanied by a Stolen Throne Call to Arms Corona while I continued the setup of a guitar build I am nearing the end of. I tell ya, I have always been a fan of the Call to Arms in Robusto, but this Corona is out of this world good… It really hits the mark in the mornings as well, as it provides plenty of flavor but isn’t a strength or pepper bomb. Definitely one to keep handy!

Oh, by the way, you’re reading the first iteration of the newly formatted Rambling Session.

My plan with this concept is simply to write a little bit each day about whatever I am feeling (this morning it was Heat Pumps and explaining this concept), what I smoked if I did smoke that day, and pose some kind of question. I may not be able to pull this off everyday, but I hope to pull it off more often than not!

Today’s question: How do you feel about Limited Edition releases? Crowned Heads announced another LE this morning - the Mil Dias Belicosos Finos LE 2023 - which, to be honest, is the “I lost count”th LE from this year. Of course I am getting some, and of course it will be great, but damn they’re pumpin’ them out! Comment your thoughts!

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