Blog > Rambling Session - Golf (06/17/2024)

Rambling Session - Golf (06/17/2024)

Rambling Session - Golf (06/17/2024)

Happy Monday. I hope you had a good weekend!

I had a pretty good weekend. We finally got our pool cleaned up and were able to get in some on Saturday after doing some yard work. That was pleasant. Yesterday was a nice Father’s Day at home. My wife made some amazing, from scratch, sourdough cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Later in the day we had a nice dinner and she made a banana pudding ice cream for dessert that was also fantastic. I smoked a Casdagli D’Boiss while I bush hogged some spots in the pasture. That was a pleasant treat.

One of things I bush hogged was a spot in the pasture for me to practice some golf. I used to be REALLY into golf. I was never very good, but I played often and thought about it all the time. Probably 4ish years ago, I just kind of lost interest. What happened was that when I would get an opportunity to golf, I ended up wanting to spend that time doing something around the stead. Last year I played less than 18 holes. The year before was less than 36. Same for the year before that. 

Actually, at this point, I can’t play more than 9 before I get bored and lose interest. Last week I did get out and walk 8 (I had to skip a hole to get around a foursome). I hadn’t swung a club since last March, and it showed. However, I enjoyed my time out and I seem to be getting the itch back again to play more. 

Time is still a restriction for me, as I always have so many things I want to do. So I had the idea to cut in a “green” in the pasture, using a little maple tree as the “flag” and then move a tee box. With this setup I can hack at some balls. Distance wise, I think I can comfortably go out to about 140ish yards before I get into really unlevel ground. That’s good enough to practice some full wedge swings to start getting the feel back for my swing.

After walking those holes last week, I could feel my hands stiffening on my way home. That’s when I realized how hard I had been squeezing the club when I was out. Between that and a total dis-synchronization in my swing sequence, I did not hit the ball solid at all. Fortunately yesterday I was able to play around and figure out, or more-so remember, some things. By the end I was seeing some ball striking improvements. I don’t know when the next will be that I go out and play, but I should at least be better prepared!

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