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Principle Cigars Accomplice Corojo

Principle Cigars Accomplice Corojo

This morning I lit up a Principle Cigars Accomplice Corojo Robusto for review. You can read my thoughts here. I am always a fan of the Accomplice lineup. They’re all great, unique blends. Here is a snippet of my final thoughts:

“Overall this is a very unique blend. Though my flavor notes may have been straightforward, this is actually a hard cigar to pin down the flavor notes. I did my best to provide a description, but honestly don’t know that I nailed it. The flavors all stand out, but also meld together nicely to create a cornucopia of sweet and savory-ness. It is also worth noting that the cigar is extremely full flavored, but without overpowering the palate. I would definitely recommend checking this cigar out if you want a unique experience and like a lot of sweet and savory flavors. Though, do beware if you are not a fan of wood and/or tannins, as those notes are present throughout much of the cigar.”

I don’t really have anything else to talk about today. I am still fighting through this exhaustion from the long weekend!

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