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Patina Maduro Rustic Review

Patina Maduro Rustic Review

“This cigar was solid overall, but it still just doesn’t hit my palate great. The cigar going out was the only flaw in the performance of the cigar, but I think that was an anomaly as I never had that in the few of these particular cigars I have smoked previously. The flavor profile had a lot to like with the earthiness, breadiness, baking spices, pepper, and different sweetnesses. It was fairly dynamic and interesting for the lengthy 2 hours and 6 minutes. For some reason, however, I just always have felt like this cigar is missing something for me every time I have smoked it. Like I’m looking for or expecting something more with each puff and I am not getting it. The lesson here is that not every cigar a company puts out will be great for every consumer. Mo, Patina’s owner, has an incredible understanding of cigar consumers and we have had some conversations about this topic. It is also worth noting that Mo blends each vitola to be a unique expression of the line. I believe I have smoked every vitola in the Habano and Connecticut lines, and I can confirm they are unique. I really should try the Maduro in the other vitolas to see if one hits better for me.”

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