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Luthier Sessions: ATL Cigar Co FYE Toro

Luthier Sessions: ATL Cigar Co FYE Toro

ATL Cigar Co was founded in 2020 by three friends in Atlanta with the intent to bring people together, no matter their differences, with cigars. They currently have four offerings and today I am smoking the cigar formerly known as “Libertad”. It now goes by “FYE”, which is apparently a way of describing something phenomenal in Atlanta. This cigar is meant to be a celebration of Aganorsa tobacco, highlighted by the Corojo wrapper. This will be the second ATL cigar I have tried and I am certainly looking forward to it.

Country of Origin: Nicaragua

Factory: Agricola Ganadera Nortena S.A. 

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Corojo

Binder: Nicaragua

Filler: Nicaragua

Vitola: 6 ½ x 54 Toro 

Price: $10.49 MSRP

Release Date: June 2022 (Rebranding Date)

Company Website:  

This is a gorgeous cigar. The band color and design is simple yet elegant and subtle yet eye catching. The cigar is quite large and has a leathery, veiny wrapper that has almost a reddish hue. The cap is quite interesting, like a pigtail cap was wrapped around itself and snipped. It smells like plums, perfume, and a slight bit of ammonia and earth. The cold draw is leather and brown sugar. First light reveals medium-full bodied smoke with nearly full flavors of baking spices, toasty, tangy leather, and some pepper and fruity sweetness going into the finish. Pretty early I have to do a small wrapper touch up, but nothing major. About a half inch in the profile has turned towards toast, earth, and a burnt caramel note. There’s a bit of a bitter coffee on the finish that goes well with the sweetness of the caramel. I had to do another touchup to that same part of the wrapper shortly after the initial one. I am hopeful that it’ll sort itself out as this large cigar gets going. Nearing the end of the first third the burn seems to have sorted itself out. The flavors have been pretty consistent. The draw has added a bit of a dark cherry and some slightly tannic wood. The retrohale has some bright citrus, black pepper, and a touch of wood. Into the second third the draw has some dates and a meaty quality to it. The body is medium and the flavors are medium-full. The retrohale has a little citrus left, but has more of a raisin note, along with some oak and spices. Hitting the secondary band performance has been perfect. The draw has taken on a sweet, vegetal earthiness with some toast and spices. The retrohale still has some citrus, but now with some cane sugar, coffee, and mustiness. Nearing the primary band the profile is primarily some earthiness, a bit of nuttiness and spices, and a touch of pepper. Passing the primary band the draw is showing some citrus again. Coming to an end at 2 hours and 30 minutes the profile offered no changes and the performance was flawless to the end.

Overall Experience

Overall I thought this was a pretty good cigar. The flavors were practically full throughout and offered good balance for the duration of the lengthy experience. It is also a big plus that the cigar performed great from about mid way into the first third, especially given the length of the smoke. I do wish this offered some more transitions as the profile got a bit redundant given the two and a half hour smoke time, however, if you like full flavored profiles of earth, pepper, citrus, wood, and different types of sweetness, I’d check this cigar out.

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