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Company Spotlight: Lampert Cigars

Company Spotlight: Lampert Cigars

One thing I really was looking forward to doing with the launch of my website and store was to be able to showcase companies I can get behind. This is especially true for cigar companies that maybe aren’t household names amongst the ordinary cigar smoker. If I could share some information regarding a company and offer a sampler of their cigars, then I may be able to help further that companies reach and introduce something new to a consumer. This is what inspired the idea for these Company Spotlights.

The first company that is getting the nod here is Lampert Cigars. Lampert Cigars was created by Dr. Stefan Lampert. The story of Lampert Cigars goes like this: Stefan was vacationing in Thailand and was inspired by the use of tailored suits to develop the concept of a “tailored cigar”. My Cigar Lab, Lampert’s first line, was created as a means to give customers an opportunity to create their own cigar. He found success with this line and began to craft another cigar with the intent to provide the smoker a relaxing escape. Of the various blends he tested, “the one with the salty taste” left a lasting impression. This cigar would come to be known as Ocean Breeze.

After creating Ocean Breeze, Stefan began the quest to expand the Lampert Cigars portfolio and landed in Nicaragua where he began working with the Ortez family at Fabrica AGROTOBACOS. This collaboration saw the launch of the 1675 Edición Azul, a personal favorite of mine, followed by the 1675 Edición Rojo. Stefan then made his way to the Dominican Republic to work with the Kelner Boutique Factory for the release of the limited edition Family Reserve 2021. Also from the Dominican, the 1593 Edicion Blanco has been slated for release in January 2023 and is coming from the Julian Sued & Compania. Stefan has been a busy man on the move since the inception of Lampert Cigars. This is fitting as he tells me that he has loved being given the opportunity to travel and meet people from around the world, thanks to his involvement in the industry. 

Something else worth noting is that while Stefan was continuing to build the Lampert Cigars portofolio, he was also trying to tap into another industry. This interest sees Panama join the list of nations with a tie to Lampert. Spirits and cigars have always had a strong tie, and a common, yet unsung pairing of choice was Stefan’s target. Lampert Rum was carefully sought out to be a perfect rum for pairing with cigars. As for a specific pairing, Stefan recommended the 12 Year rum with the 1675 Edicion Azul Toro. When the rum begins distribution stateside I will certainly be giving it a try. 

Something that I really like about Lampert Cigars is that they are not afraid to branch out in order to deliver a uniquely different product. Stefan told me that the reason they work across three countries - Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and the Dominican Republic - is to provide diversity in their portfolio. I think oftentimes companies get themselves pigeon holed into delivering a particular type of product, working with a particular factory, or utilizing a particular tobacco. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but if you are looking to produce a much different smoking experience across different lines, then why not expand your resources more than just swapping a leaf or two in a blend? 

I have enjoyed seeing what Lampert Cigars has done and where they are headed. I think they are creating interesting, quality products and are going to continue to grow and gain more traction amongst consumers. When I asked Stefan what impact he hopes his cigars have in the industry he said their goal is to “give our consumers, friends, and colleagues an outstanding smoke for a reasonable price.” I think he is accomplishing that, and I would add that he is also providing a cigar for each of those consumers’, friends’, or colleagues’ palates. This Lampert Cigars sampler is the perfect place to find which Lampert is a fit for you, and don’t be surprised if they all are.

This sampler contains one each of the 1675 Edición Azul Robusto, the 1675 Edición Rojo Robusto, the My Cigar Lab Don Patron, and the Family Reserve 2021. This sampler covers all three countries that Lampert Cigars work with. The 1675 Edición Azul Robusto is a staple in my rotation and was one of the best cigars I reviewed so far in 2022. The 1675 Edición Rojo Robusto is a great take on a Connecticut shade cigar. The My Cigar Lab Don Patron highlights what Lampert Cigars does in Costa Rica and is an ode to the brand that started it all. The Family Reserve 2021 is a special inclusion, as it is a limited edition release that will showcase what Lampert Cigars can offer out of the Dominican Republic. 

This sampler will be limited, so get over to shop and grab one while they are available! 

To learn more about Lampert Cigars, visit Also follow their Instagram page @LampertCigars.  

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