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Company Spotlight: Julian Sued Tabac

Company Spotlight: Julian Sued Tabac

One of the things I enjoy most about this passion project is the ability to interact with, work with, and highlight companies, brands, and people. There are so many wonderful people in the cigar industry and so many wonderful cigars created, produced. marketed, and/or distributed by these people. As you become more and more entrenched in this passion, this industry, this community, you will discover that many brands were created by individuals purely out of a passion and love for the craft.

A perfect example of this is that of Edgar Julian Sued. You may know Edgar Julian from his first brand, Campesino, that was created in 2012. He got his start with Campesino at Manufactura Rivas, before beginning a relationship with Hendrik Kelner Jr (of KBF Cigar Factory) and then creating Julian Sued Tabac (or Julian Sued & Compania, SRL) in 2015.

Edgar Julian did not come from a cigar manufacturing, or tobacco growing family. His passion developed through the years and he decided to pursue his passion. I am certainly glad he did! He has created some of the most interesting and unique cigars I have smoked, whether under his own name, or as the manufacturer for other companies. He also has some of the most interesting and humorous marketing with his #Bundlefever lines, while delivering some incredibly tasteful and elegant packing with his Friends & Family and Cinque Terre lines. 

I have created a Company Spotlight Sampler for your enjoyment! Check it out here. Something I can promise with anything Edgar Julian has had his hands in is that the cigar will have been created thoughtfully and carefully, and that each blend has a story to tell. 

Lastly, I just want to say that Edgar is an awesome person to talk to and work with. He is responsive, engaging, and helpful. That is not always a given. He was also kind enough to a few questions below: 

What is your cigar story (first cigar memory, what drives your interest, etc)?

My first cigar experience was at a birthday party when I was 14 years old, also first time I had booze. My main interest when i'm making a cigar is focus in enjoyment, each cigar has a concept and is created to provide certain pleasure that involves stimulation, aroma, taste, strength and beauty, as balanced as possible.”

What is the story of Julian Sued Tabac?

I created Julian Sued Tabac (JULIAN SUED Y COMPAÑÍA, SRL) in 2015 for special cigar projects with factories that I was not working with usually, then in 2020 the train of opportunity passed by and we jumped in, creating our first cigar manufacturing focus on boutique productions, with extraordinary tobaccos, unusual tobaccos from unusual countries. Today, 3 years later we keep improving and learning every single day.”

You produce cigars for varying companies. How do you put your stamp on each cigar you produce, even when it is not under your name?

We make cigars for our fellow cigar brands, to their taste, to their profile, whatever they look for we do our best to make it happen, if their intention is to bring the cigar to higher step then we start working for improvement. That’s a challenge we love!”

What cigars, companies, or industry persons do you draw inspiration from or which cigars outside of your portfolio do you reach for?

There´s many companies/brands/families that I admire, certainly each one of them occupies a profile within my head, for example: Fuente is the company I admire the most in terms of Branding… Davidoff is the one I admire the most in terms of quality control… there´s many more to mention, but just an example, those two for me are main.”

What impact do you hope your brand makes on consumers?

Appreciation. Appreciation for good portfolio of cigars with excellent value and price.”

Is there anything you would like to tell the readers of this article (about yourself, about Julian Sued, about the industry, or anything you are passionate about)? 

What drives me the most in the cigar industry and in life, is giving happiness to that person I connect, even if we never met personally, if you enjoy our cigars, and they take a smile out of you, thats enough.”


If you made it through this whole read, I appreciate you sticking it out and would love to hear your thoughts, criticisms, questions, or recommendations in the comments below! Thank you! 

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